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 (Nearly) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About
Games & Gamification in Education But Were Afraid to Ask



So what is this all about?

We wanted to write only about one thing, games. And gamification!

We wanted to write only about two things, games and gamification. And education!

We wanted to write only about three things, games, gamification, and education. And more...

That is how we came with the idea of 

1) Games for Teachers

2) Gamification for Teachers

3) Games and Gamificaiton for Teachers

Well, you can probably see it already. G4T. It stands for Games/Gamification for Teachers.

Why did we decide to start this web site and the blog?

For years, similar discussions keep on repeating the same views, but sometimes new ideas emerge. This web site and the blog are devoted to taking part in those discussions. Some things here are old, some are new. You can decide for yourself what will be most useful and interesting to you.

What is important for us, what we want to share, are our views on games, gamification, and education.

About Us

About Us

Dagmara & Mikolaj

Ms Mara & Nick


I have been teaching everywhere and everyone. From teaching toddlers to primary school children. From Teenagers to young adults. From newbies to professionals.

I specialised in translations cooperatinig with Nicholas Copernicus University Press.


I am an English teacher, and I find it easiest to work with (young) adults. I love games, so gamification was more or less natural for me.

I did my share of translating and writing academic papers and presentations.

Recent Posts

Recent Posts


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