Games from Poland @ Expo2020
Games from Poland @ Expo2020

During Expo2020, which took place in Dubai in 2022 (postponed due to the pandemic restrictions), Polish Pavilion organised Polish Games Week

Jakub Marszałkowski organized and hosted a discussion panel on the success and future hopes concerning the games industry development in Poland and abroad.

With more than 600 game releases yearly Poland is among the biggest video game producers in the world. Some of the most globally renowned titles like The Witcher, Cyberpunk, Dying Light, Frostpunk come from Poland. Join our meet up to learn more.

More information on Polish Games Week and Polish Pavilion at Expo2020 can be found here and  here and here.

Panel session: Games from Poland - growth, success, perspectives

2nd March 2022, 12:00

Przemysław Marmul - Unstoppable Project Management
Adrian Perdjon - Bones Studio
Jan Rosner - CD Projekt Red
Mikołaj Sobociński - American University of the Middle East, previously Gamedec.UKW

Four experts with long history and experience in the game industry in Poland will discuss the growth, state, and future of the sector. Topics discussed will include expansion in the last years and perspective to continue that trend, Polish specificity, and specialties including factors leading to the success, the proliferation of educational offers related to game development, and the potential to cooperate with Poland or invest in Poland.

Dr Jakub Marszałkowski is one of the founders and members of the Board of the Indie Games Poland Foundation, a developer organization in Poland. The head of the Game Industry Conference in Poznań. Researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications of the Poznan University of Technology.

For more than 20 years, Mikołaj Sobociński has been introducing games in education. He is a co-creator of the Gamedec Department. With other educators, he designed a number of gamified solutions for education. As an avid player, he has participated in conferences and events related to video games and table-top games.

Hanna Marszałkowska is the founder and president of Vitruvio Foundation, organizer of the GIC. She has 6 years of experience in NGOs and 5 years of experience in game industry support, where she organized numerous national and global support programs.

Polish Games Week - Polish Pavilion - Expo2020 - Dubai 2022

Polish Games Week - Polish Pavilion - Expo2020 - Dubai 2022

Polish Games Week - Polish Pavilion - Expo2020 - Dubai 2022

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